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      Services We Offer:Pneumatic actuators,Control valves,Electric control valve,Self-reliance control valve,Pneumatic ball valve,Electric Ball Valve,Pneumatic butterfly valve,Electric butterfly valve..

      Who We Are

      Zhejiang ShenYi control valve Co., LTD is located in Oubei town,Yongjia County ,Wenzhou city,Southern golden tri-angle part of Zhejiang province which named "Chinese pump and valve hometown '' Enterprise predecessor is OuBei Town ,yongjia county, ShenYi pneumatic valves device in late 2003, restructuring of the limited liability company. For the enterprise restructuring inject new vitality, we will continue to new ideas, and the enterprise past should continuously reform and innovation design and manufacture a newer and better products to feedback customer

      Leading quality stems from the advanced manufacturing technology. Therefore ShenYi hand at the huge investment in...

      Contact Us:

      Links:  sypv [Chinese]Pneumatic butterfly valvePneumatic ball valvePneumatic actuator
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