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      Services We Offer:Pneumatic actuators,Control valves,Electric control valve,Self-reliance control valve,Pneumatic ball valve,Electric Ball Valve,Pneumatic butterfly valve,Electric butterfly valve..

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      AW series

      AW series

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      1. Overview

      AW pneumatlc actuators are divided to double-acting and single-acting (spring return ) with two separated cylinders and double pistons. It is easy to make actuator with huge size cylinder and output torque by this design;lnner of cylinder and piston axis are coated with hard chromium that has good anti-friction. The output torque of AW actuator is good for opening, closing and adjusting of big size ball valves & butterfly valves. meanwhile it fits 90 degree rotary occasion.

      2. Technical data

      Genera l Design

      Pneumatic Double-Cylinder Double-Piston Shifting fork Type Actuator;
      Model AW Means Double-Acting;
      Model AWS Means Single-Acting Spring Return.

      Rotary Angle

      Double-Acting 90°;
      Single-Acting 90°;
      Adjusted from -5° ~ +5° from two ends.

      Operating Temperature -20 ~ 90
      Air supply Pressure 0.3 ~ 0.7MPa.

      3. Model Number

      4. Actuator Selection & Installation
      When select the actuator, the torque of valve must be identified firstlγ, then consider the fluid; Add 25% security value when it is steam or non-Iubricated; Add 60% security value when it is non-Iubricated dry gas media; Add 100% security value when it is non-Iubricated gas transmission particles media; Add 20% security value when it is clean and no friction lubrication media; Then check the double-acting or single-acting type torque form according to air source pressure, and the model of actuator can be chosen correctly.
      5. Actuator & Accessory Function
      Double - acting pneumatic actuator;Double position control of valve's open or close Spring Return: Valve open or close automatically when circuit 、gas is cut off or failure (Explosion-prool offer available) Single-control solenoid valve: Valve opens or closes when power on , vice versa(explosion-proof offer available) Double-control solenoid valve: Valve opens when one coil is power-on. Valve closes when another coil is power-off. It has memory-save function (explosion-proof offer available) Limit Switch 60x: Long -distance transmission of valve position signal (explosion-proof offer available) Electric Locato r: Regulate and control the flow of media accord ing to current signal (Standard 4-20mA)
      (explosion-proof offer avai lable)
      Pneumatic Locator; Regulate and control the flow of media according to pressure signal IS tandard 0.02- 0.1MPa)
      Electrical Converters: It converts current signal into pressure signal, and used with pneumatic locator (explosion-proof offer available)
      Air Source Treatment Triple-Unit: It includes pressure reducer , filter, oil mist and has air pressure -stability、air source - cleaning 、parts - lubrication functions
      Manual Operation Institutions: It can be manual operated if automatic operation is out of control
      6. Order Notice
      Pneumatic valve is complex intelligent-control instrument that is a combination of pneumatic components . Users must choose accessories detailed according to their requirements , and note on
      technology contracts
      1). Pneumatic Actuators , (1) Double-Acting 、(2) Single-Acting 、(3) Model
      2). Solenoid Valve, (1) Single-Control Solenoid Valve 、(2) Double-Control Solenoid Valve 、(3) Voltage 、(4) Explosion-Proof Type
      3). Feedback Signal , (1) Mechanical Switches 、(2) Approachable Switches, (3) Output Current Signal 、(4) Voltage 、(5) Explosion-Proof Type
      4) Locator: (1) Electric Locator, (2) Pneumatic Locator, (3) Current Signal、(4) Air Pressure Signal 、(5) Electrical Converter、(6) Explosion-Proof Type
      5). Air Source Treatment Triple- Unit (1 )Filter & Pressure Reducer Valve 、(2)Oil Mist
      6). Manual Operation Institution
      7). Special interface Size
      8). Special Order

      7. Double-Acting Type Output Torque

      8. Single-Acting Type Output Torque

      9. Cylinder Volume & Air Consumption


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