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      Services We Offer:Pneumatic actuators,Control valves,Electric control valve,Self-reliance control valve,Pneumatic ball valve,Electric Ball Valve,Pneumatic butterfly valve,Electric butterfly valve..

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      Large Spec series

      Large Spec series

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      Large Specification Actuator provides an output torque up to 43000 Nm at 5 Bar supply air. This kind actuators are extensive used in the area of petroleum, chemical industry, natural gas and water conservancy project. The major models of Large Specification Actuator are DA(SR)-350,DA(SR)-400,DA(SR)-500 and DA(SR)-600. The body, pistons and pinion were made of high quality carbon steel insuring the high quality of actuator.

      Air consumption

      Air consumption rest with Air supply.Air volume and Action cycle times,expressions;

      L/Min=Air volume(Air volume Opening+Air volume closing)×[(Air Supply(Kpa)+101.3)÷101.3]×Action cycle times/min

      AT series AW series AWS series BW series BWS series DA/SR Series pneumatic actuator

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