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      QGSY series pneumatic actuator

      QGSY series pneumatic actuator

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      QGSY series miniature pneumatic actuator is researched and developed by ourselves with importing Italian advance craftwork technology. And has passed the wholly test by the professional valve test center. Through the rotation of gear piston and take compressed air as dynamo to alter the inner air pressure of cylinder to 90°torque can be used for each kind of rotary type straight travel regulating valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, globe valve, plug valve etc.

      QGSY series miniature actuators are along with compact simple design, characteristic style, complete seal, inner air way, economic and without abrasion for outer connecting pipeline. The ISO5211 connecting standard offers convenient mounting of solenoid valve, signal acceptor, valve positioner, and also flexible for other accessories. Design according to safe operation, convenient to maintenance, easy to load and unload.

      The shell is extruded and shaped by the aluminum alloy. The surface is blasted and dealed with hard anodized for corrosion resistance and friction resistance. Have the advantages of light weight, beautiful appearance, reliable strength and sealing. The piston guide ring of polyacetal bearing gasket can absorb the side thrust of piston for proper low friction and obstruction. Inner cylinder wall goes through honing for reducing the motion friction of integrator. Equipped polyacetal bearing on the bottom of the top of output bearing, in order to lower the rotary friction and obstruction, extend service life.

      End cap and piston are precisely shaped by die-casting aluminum that has great function of blow-out resistance. End caps coated with high strength epoxy for resisting weak acid, weak nitric and detergent. Output bearing made of 45#carbon steel and finished with electroplate on the surface.

      Opening indicator can appear open or close position directly, easy to unload and convenient for spanner operation The rotary angle of pneumatic actuator can be limited by travel regulating screws mechanically and use field way to regulate the open or close position of actuator. The adjustable range of ±5° in position 0°and 90°for standard product ensures the precision in pace with valve gate.

      The bearing and guide ring of the actuator are both been lubricated by lubricant  grease before leaving factory. Under normal operation environment, the actuator must be lubricated by air atomizer.

      All the sealing(including piston sealing) has the selection of NBR(standard -20℃~+80℃), HNBR(low temperature -40℃~+80℃), VITON (high temperature -20℃~+150℃)

      ?Operating principle


      When compressed-air from port A enter into the medium, the two piston separated because of pressure. Once the air expel from the port B to the two side of cylinder, the core bearing anti-clockwise 90°. The valve gate follows to revolve 90°to open.   When compressed-air from port B enters into the outer cavity, the pressure makes the two piston fold to the medium. Once the air exhausted from port A, the core bearing clockwise 90°, the corresponding valve follows to revolve 90°and open.

       When the compressed air enters between two pistons from the A hole the center cavities, because the pressure function causes two pistons separations. The air cylinder beginnings and ends air discharges through the B hole, simultaneously the central shaft then counter clockwise revolves 90°, corresponds the valve also is revolving with the counter clockwise 90°opens.    When the compressed air enters two pistons pericoels from the B hole, as a result of the pressure function, causes two pistons to close up to among. In the air cylinder the cavity air discharges through the A hole, simultaneously the central shaft then clockwise revolves 90°,corresponds the valve also with clockwise is revolving 90° shutting down.

      ?output torque table

      ?technical data

      Note: above test is under 0.6MPa air pressure by constant temperature, and is a approximate result tested through a 2m Φ6 flexible pipe in the situation of unmatched the valve.



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