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      Services We Offer:Pneumatic actuators,Control valves,Electric control valve,Self-reliance control valve,Pneumatic ball valve,Electric Ball Valve,Pneumatic butterfly valve,Electric butterfly valve..

      Current: ShenYi >> Product >> Actuator >> Pneumatic >> SC series

      SC series

      SC series

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      ♦ Features

      1、Use self-lubrication bearing, piston stem needn't add oil to lubricate.

      2、Besides the fixed cushion, there is adjusting cushion on the cylinder end to make the cylinder steady and no concussion when the cylinder changes direction.

      3、Use high temperature resistance sealing material for cylinder to work normally under150°C.

      4、According to ISO6431 and has many setting accessories for choice.

      5、There equipped with a permanent magnet on the piston of cylinder, it can touch off the magnet button on the cylinder to sense the moving position of piston

      ♦ Specification

      ♦ Materials

      ♦ Dimensions

      ♦ Cylinder force

      AT series AW series AWS series BW series BWS series DA/SR Series pneumatic actuator

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